Covid-19 patient information

Updated 26/02/22


Following advice from the General Chiropractic Council, we would like to inform all our valued patients that restrictions at Holly Cottage Chiropractic Clinic will remain for the foreseeable future.

Thankfully the protocols implemented in May 2020 has proven to be safe and effective during the pandemic for both our patients and staff. Therefore we would strongly encourage all our patients (unless medically exempt) to wear a face covering whilst inside the practice. 

The staff will continue to wear appropriate PPE and we will still limit the number of patients in the building. 

Please cancel if you exhibit the symptoms of a temperature above 37.5, a new or continuous cough, breathlessness or loss of taste and/or smell or you have tested positive for the corona virus.

Please report to the reception desk at the time of your appointment. All guidelines on social distancing and infection control are being followed at the clinic and we would ask you to follow the instructions given by the reception staff, when you arrive. 

Gowns have been removed from clinic. To reduce the risk of unnecessary contact, we would ask that you wear loose appropriate clothing that will enable the chiropractor to access the areas that require treatment without the necessity of changing into a gown.

We encourage patients to enter the building from our car park, through the front door, at the time of their appointment and leave as soon as possible afterwards and ask that no family members, children or friends enter the clinic with you (unless you require assistance for a disability).

Hand sanitiser is available, by the entrance and exit, for your use. We request that you either wash your hands or sanitise them on arrival and departure.

It is advised that the duration of face to face contact is kept to a minimum. If you feel you have a lot to update your Chiropractor on, we recommend that you send an email update prior to your appointment for the Chiropractor to review. This will allow us to use the time spent in the room efficiently.

Appointments will be limited to your primary complaint. We will continue to offer remote services via phone or email where possible for advice on pain management, posture, ergonomics, exercise and self-care.                                                                                

Please be patient. As we are sure you appreciate, our team are having to take on a lot of additional duties during this time such as extra cleaning protocols and change of PPE. Whilst time has been given between appointments to allow for this, we would appreciate your patience with this process.

While we are taking every precaution to limit your exposure to corona virus, we cannot guarantee that there is no risk as a result of attending our clinic for treatment.

Thank you for you continued support and understanding.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the clinic.

The Holly Cottage Team


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